So I accidentally removed myself from the inexpensive tier I was grandfathered into with Ghost(pro) when I was trying to update my payment info, and then I just deleted the thing altogether, I probably could contact one of their support channels and get it sorted out, like, they’ve been responsive and helpful any time I had an issue in the past, but I decided to try out this wordpress thing instead. There were a few reasons for that:

Although Ghost(pro) has a fantastic editor for writing and lots of great features, I wanted to be able to host any kind of media I want, photos, audio, video etc. at a decent price and WordPress checked all those boxes, and I wanted something with an easy to use mobile version, and the integration with Ulysses (where I do most of my writing anyway) made up for the tradeoff of losing Ghost’s built in superior editor.

So if you’re reading this, we’re probably friends or family. My old blog gathered dust -partly due to laziness, and partly due to.. Ok! Fine! It was laziness, but I think being able to do all my writing in one place and being able to host any kind of data right there on the site without having to do a buncha work-arounds will keep that from happening again.

I’m still learning to code and stuff, I’m still moonlighting doing nightlife stuff, so what’s new and exciting? My partner and I got a dog a few months ago, and we leave for 9 days in Berlin, Germany tomorrow night! I’ve never been to Europe before! Soo… I think I’m gonna kick this thing off with a travel journal!

PS, this site is totally under construction, hang in there.

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