scary BBC story on mobile app sharing

^pretty scary read, something we all kinda already know but need to think about more, and, I had to try out some of the bells and whistles on the latest update to the mobile app for the blog platform I’m posting this from. Is that irony? I guess that’s irony.

Is this going to become a microblog now? I hope not, I just want to get into the habit of sharing things I wanna share with the world here.

Yo know what’s really fun? Making a thing! Not like a facebook or twitter post, although that can be fun too.. Like writing something and thinking about that specific audience, but you know what’s more fun than that? When it’s on your own site!

Sure, there’s all these reward mechanisms on those things like shares and likes and comments and replies to comments, and.. and whatever, and they work! They’re designed by super smart mad scientists to keep you focused on those reward mechanisms, and I don’t want so much to write about that, as much as I want to write about how those things may be getting in the way of you doing you! Wait, no. I don’t want to write about that either!

I want to write about how when you make something yourself and it doesn’t belong to anybody else but it’s made in a medium that allows you to share it with everyone else! I want to write about the world wide web! The information superhighway! aka, THE INTERNET!

Oh wait no, I don’t want to write about that either, what I want is you people to spend 30 seconds today thinking about how when you make a post on facebook or twitter, you have no idea who sees it, or why! Same goes for all your shit on instagram! That’s some shady shit right there! I mean I remember those things used to post in chronological order without manipulation, and then they added the like and share buttons but it still posted in chronological order without manipulation, and then they started fucking around with it to keep you on there longer!

Yesterday, the president of the United States, whose name is DONALD TRUMP was arguing with his pornstar ex-mistress on twitter. Man.. these mad scientists really fucked up.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. I think you should make your own website. Do whatever you want to do with it! You young people on facebook and twitter.. and old addicted people too, have no idea how much fun I’m having unless you’ve done it! I know when I post some shit here, it looks how I want it to look, and it links to where ever I want it to! I can post pictures:

and links to the people in charge of the internet (they’re pretty okay) or to great stuff I’ve recently read!

Anyhoo, you can’t even italicize or make stuff bold on those stupid platforms, and you can only post one hyperlink at a time! Ohhh and a whole buncha other crap I’m not even gonna get into.

Anyway, making a site is just fun and downright emancipatory if you’ve never done it before! Do it do it DOOOO ITTTTT!!!!

I’m not sure why this Elizabeth Warren DNA test thing dominated the news cycle yesterday, .. I guess for the same reason I’m writing about it right now. If she was trying to demonstrate that Donald Trump is a liar who does not keep his word.. I suppose I could understand that given how much shit he talks.. but.. well, we already knew that.

The thing to me is it only demonstrated she can be baited into playing his game, and the only way to win that game is not to play.

I like Warren. I like her story. Overall I really like her politics. I think she does a really good job of having to work with the goddamn D party while also being relatively outspoken about the important stuff. She’s doing a pretty good job at making the best of her recognition and fighting these bastards. I think she’d make a good president. I also think if she was Hilary Clinton’s running mate in ’16, I would not be writing any of this.

I’m just saying, in a political career where she’s done a lot of good, let’s not let this particular misstep define her. Yes. She should have known better, but what can I say, everybody is nuts right now.

Rereading Hossein Derakhshan’s 2015 essay The Web We Have To Save is one of the reasons I’ve been inspired to dust this site off and actually do something with it, and one of the reasons I think everybody should plunk down a few dollars for their own domain, site, and email host. I think my next post is going to be about my personal approach to that, and how I’ve failed to maintain discipline with using my own space, and how I think I can succeed in the future.


How to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Internet by Douglas Adams is an all time favorite read that I still find enjoyment in. I don’t know if Douglas Adams counted on a handful of large media companies and governments worldwide having such a big lock on everything and using it for so much bad. I also don’t know if he’d counted on how bad the media literacy problem is world wide.  but I’d like to think we’re just still in the Dark Ages and the best is yet to come. Things may get worse before they get better, but I think every word of this article will stand the test of time.

The world was a different place in 1999, and sometimes we tend to forget about that, or if you’re a younger reader that’s an abstract rather than tangible thing to you. It’s history. For me? Yeah. The world is a different place, but people are still people and overall, people, are still good.


I did some toggling and playing with the bells and whistles on this site. I removed the social media share buttons ’cause I’m trying not to contribute to a system that rewards unhealthy behavior. Also, when I want to share a link on social media, I just copy/paste the link. I’m sure lotsa other people still do that too. I did leave the “email” and “print” buttons ’cause although they’re automated sharing mechanisms, they don’t advertise any particular companies. I’m also trying to be more conscious and wary of too much automation in my life.

I don’t memorize phone numbers anymore and I haven’t written down directions to a place in over a decade. I’m still pretty good at looking at a map before I leave for my destination so I can know the area that I’m going to and how to get back, but I know I’m becoming too dependent on these kinds of technology. I’m also trying to be more thoughtful of how my data such as location and destination history are used by bad people for bad things and adjust.

I’m not a luddite -even copy/paste and print/email themselves are automated tech things. I’m writing this on a device that fits in my pocket to publish on a gigantic network of extremely powerful computers. I’m not a luddite, I just don’t want my basic people skills to deteriorate more than they already have. Which is also part of the purpose of this blog.

I swore off use of the “like” button a while back.. I decided to try and use my words more if I have something to add to a conversation.

And that lasted about a week. I don’t entirely blame myself. There are all kinds of manipulative incentives to click on a myriad of buttons on and off Facebook, and they work. And between gifs and emojis and memes and likes, there are all kinds of communication or signaling tools that I think in the long run are unhealthy. I know, too much of anything is bad, but the overnight ability to instantly publish, share, or consume nearly any kind of media instantly, has consequences. Some of those consequences are good, really good, but it definitely changes people and I’m not sure I’m thinking about that enough. I’m not against social media, but a newsfeed on there should just be a chronological feed of all of your friend’s updates, with an unfollow option, and without manipulation.

It sounds trivial to complain about but I think could be a little more outspoken with each other about how everyone seems to be shouting in order to be heard, and that’s a dynamic that’s been deliberately encouraged by the bad guys who own these companies. It’s a direct result of that manipulation of the feeds on social media. It’s all fun and games until you wake up one day and Donald Trump is President of the United States.

I need to edit and rewrite more.

Anyway, this isn’t an essay, it’s a free writing journal entry, and it’s my site, so I get to write whatever I want. I’m just getting back into the swing of writing every day, and these things will get better! so there!

Reading a book.

Reading beyond the first 300 pages of The Power Broker.

Reading The Great Gatsby. That’s a short one and at this point I have no excuse.

Same goes for Toni Morrison and so many other writers I haven’t gotten around to yet.

Writing a book.

Playing with my dog.

Running outdoors.

Doing some pushups.

Doing some situps.



Looking for additional income.

Learning a musical instrument.

Learning to box.

Working on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skillz.

Learning Sambo.

Dancing around my apartment while listening to Loggins and Messina.

Dancing around my apartment while listening to Janet Jackson.

Just plain dancing. Kinda difficult to fart around on facebook if I’m dancing.

Eating a salad.

Eating a piece of fruit.

Drinking a glass of water. I don’t drink enough water. Drinking water is hard, like I’ve made it a habit to drink 10+ glasses a day and once you’re there you’re there, but forming the habit is hard.

Organizing all the shit on my computer. There’s so much shit on there, photos, writing, other stuff and it’s a big disorganized mess. What the fuck am I doing on facebook anyway? And why do I want to post that shit there? That’s not their shit, that’s MY shit. Fuck that shit. Fuckit. If I’m gonna post it anywhere I should post it HERE.



hey FUCK YOU facebook.

I gotta make a habit of using this thing instead of Facebook.

I got lotsa pictures from recent trips to Berlin, Daytona Beach, Disney, Universal, and I’ve been lucky enough to get to see a lot of places the last couple of years.

I got lotsa good pictures of stuff in general.

I got unfinished stories,  unfinished essays. Lotsa unfinished stuff and things.

What am I even doing wasting my time on there? Oh right, that thing is a casino trying to reel me in. I gotta stop feeding that beast.

I gotta get ready for work.

Okay. I’m gonna post stuff here instead from NOW on.