Reading a book.

Reading beyond the first 300 pages of The Power Broker.

Reading The Great Gatsby. That’s a short one and at this point I have no excuse.

Same goes for Toni Morrison and so many other writers I haven’t gotten around to yet.

Writing a book.

Playing with my dog.

Running outdoors.

Doing some pushups.

Doing some situps.



Looking for additional income.

Learning a musical instrument.

Learning to box.

Working on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu skillz.

Learning Sambo.

Dancing around my apartment while listening to Loggins and Messina.

Dancing around my apartment while listening to Janet Jackson.

Just plain dancing. Kinda difficult to fart around on facebook if I’m dancing.

Eating a salad.

Eating a piece of fruit.

Drinking a glass of water. I don’t drink enough water. Drinking water is hard, like I’ve made it a habit to drink 10+ glasses a day and once you’re there you’re there, but forming the habit is hard.

Organizing all the shit on my computer. There’s so much shit on there, photos, writing, other stuff and it’s a big disorganized mess. What the fuck am I doing on facebook anyway? And why do I want to post that shit there? That’s not their shit, that’s MY shit. Fuck that shit. Fuckit. If I’m gonna post it anywhere I should post it HERE.



hey FUCK YOU facebook.

I gotta make a habit of using this thing instead of Facebook.

I got lotsa pictures from recent trips to Berlin, Daytona Beach, Disney, Universal, and I’ve been lucky enough to get to see a lot of places the last couple of years.

I got lotsa good pictures of stuff in general.

I got unfinished stories,  unfinished essays. Lotsa unfinished stuff and things.

What am I even doing wasting my time on there? Oh right, that thing is a casino trying to reel me in. I gotta stop feeding that beast.

I gotta get ready for work.

Okay. I’m gonna post stuff here instead from NOW on.