10/17/18: Visibility and Choices

Yo know what’s really fun? Making a thing! Not like a facebook or twitter post, although that can be fun too.. Like writing something and thinking about that specific audience, but you know what’s more fun than that? When it’s on your own site!

Sure, there’s all these reward mechanisms on those things like shares and likes and comments and replies to comments, and.. and whatever, and they work! They’re designed by super smart mad scientists to keep you focused on those reward mechanisms, and I don’t want so much to write about that, as much as I want to write about how those things may be getting in the way of you doing you! Wait, no. I don’t want to write about that either!

I want to write about how when you make something yourself and it doesn’t belong to anybody else but it’s made in a medium that allows you to share it with everyone else! I want to write about the world wide web! The information superhighway! aka, THE INTERNET!

Oh wait no, I don’t want to write about that either, what I want is you people to spend 30 seconds today thinking about how when you make a post on facebook or twitter, you have no idea who sees it, or why! Same goes for all your shit on instagram! That’s some shady shit right there! I mean I remember those things used to post in chronological order without manipulation, and then they added the like and share buttons but it still posted in chronological order without manipulation, and then they started fucking around with it to keep you on there longer!

Yesterday, the president of the United States, whose name is DONALD TRUMP was arguing with his pornstar ex-mistress on twitter. Man.. these mad scientists really fucked up.

Anyway, I’m getting sidetracked. I think you should make your own website. Do whatever you want to do with it! You young people on facebook and twitter.. and old addicted people too, have no idea how much fun I’m having unless you’ve done it! I know when I post some shit here, it looks how I want it to look, and it links to where ever I want it to! I can post pictures:

and links to the people in charge of the internet (they’re pretty okay) or to great stuff I’ve recently read!

Anyhoo, you can’t even italicize or make stuff bold on those stupid platforms, and you can only post one hyperlink at a time! Ohhh and a whole buncha other crap I’m not even gonna get into.

Anyway, making a site is just fun and downright emancipatory if you’ve never done it before! Do it do it DOOOO ITTTTT!!!!

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