Around The Web: Friday 1/21/22

Ronald Brownstein in The Atlantic: Eliminating the filibuster has become a Democratic Party position. (The Atlantic)

Ezra Klein is hit or miss with me, hit more often than miss. This January 9th NYTimes article is a hit. When he gets it right he really gets it right. (NYTimes)

CNN: White Castle cancels it’s Valentine’s Day “fine dining”, never did it but I would have liked to. Sigh. (CNN)

Scott Gilbertson in Wired on the Vivaldi browser. I gotta write a whole blog about that thing one of these days. It’s just terrific. (Wired, from December)

Hank Green on TikTok’s business model and it’s impact on content creators, it’s a fascinating watch about an industry I don’t know much about. (Youtube)

Governor’s Island now allowing visitors and running ferries year round and are expanding ferry service, and now, dogs are welcome on Saturdays! (Governor’s Island official site)

A lot of amazing things came out of Bell Labs, including the transistor. This short film from 1953 about their potential is just, you gotta see this thing. It’s amazing how far transistors have come and how much they can do. I gotta write a blog post just about Bell Labs one of these days too. (AT&T Archives)

That’s all for now, happy Friday!