Brief update and some links: Monday, November 28, 2022

Hey, it’s been a while. I got married in September. Honeymoon was nice. I had a nice Thanksgiving with loved ones, and a relaxing four day weekend lounging with my wife and our dog.

I think what’s happening now with the twitter exodus is fascinating. I don’t know if anything will ever totally supplant it, but I like the idea of a post-twitter world. And what I like even more about it, is a lot of people making the exodus are joining this thing as opposed to some other thing that’s just as bad. And it seems, at least in my travels on Mastodon so far, that blogs are not a dead form. I don’t know if we’ll ever get back to the golden age of blogging, but we could be finding ourselves entering some other kind of golden age of media communications: The Post-Twitter world. It’s inspiring. Maybe I’m now inspired enough to dust this thing off and update it regularly.


Jelani Cobb in The New Yorker on quitting twitter

NYTimes article by Dave Philipps about Richard M. Fierro

Zeeshan Aleem, MSNBC: Elon Musk sees Twitter as a political weapon

Ten Steps To “Code” blog entry from Charles Petzold, author of Code: The Hidden Language Of Computers which I’m reading right now.