More brief stuff on The Great Internet Exodus Or Migration Or Whatever of 2022… also on Diaspora if any of you remember that thing.

In reading more about Mastodon/ActivityPub/Fediverse etc, I saw Diaspora is a part of that thing and was surprised it still exists. That thing had -and still has!- potential. So, I figured out how to log back in, apparently the last time I touched that account was 11 years ago. That network is under major construction but I was able to get back into my old account. Back then, I thought for sure people would adopt something like that once they learned more about it but it didn’t catch on the way Mastodon is catching on right now. It’s about to break 8 million users. 3 weeks ago it had less than 1 million users. I hope it continues to catch on. Anyway, I deleted the Diaspora account just because I try to delete any account I haven’t used for over a year, and with that federation of networks being interoperable I don’t think I need both.

(Also, interoperable is a big word that briefly means like your email or your phone number, a gmail account can talk to a fastmail account and an AT&T phone number can talk to Verizon phone number)

As the thing grows, there will be problems. Growing pains. The “wisdom” of crowds lol… But! There’s a lot of problems it won’t have either. It looks like the future of the social network looks kinda like the past days of the social network. The early days of the social network. That’s pretty pretty cool.