Journal, Monday 1/30/23: Things I’m Excited About

Happy New Year! I didn’t start the new year blogging or writing right out the gate, but better late than never.

Skull Practitioners’s Negative Stars recently dropped, available at In The Red Records at the aforementioned link, also available on Bandcamp, and presumably available at most or all of the other avenues people find their music these days. I have been excitedly anticipating this record for a long time and it’s fantastic. This one’s already a record of the year candidate for me. They’re playing this Saturday, February 4th at TV Eye with Licks, and Jon Spencer & The HITmakers. Maybe I’ll see ya there!

Last year sometime, my attention was brought to A youtube channel called Folding Ideas. Dan Olson makes documentaries and social commentary about the world around us. For starters, I recommend:

Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs

In Search Of A Flat Earth

Contrepreneurs: The Mikkelsen Twins

and Jamie Oliver’s War On Nuggets

I mentioned a while back that I joined Mastodon, but forgot to post a link to my Mastodon page. So, there ya go. I don’t know what the future holds for social media but I like that thing so far.

So what’s new with me? I’m taking a spreadsheet class through my union’s training center. I have a basic grasp of spreadsheets, but I’d like to have a grasp of it that’s at least a little advanced. I’m three weeks (out of eleven) into it, and the class is starting to get hard so I guess I’m learning. I haven’t taken a class of any kind in a long time and I’m genuinely enjoying it, so, this is good. I might just keep taking classes one at a time. 2023 is about working on myself. My skills, physical fitness, and things of that nature. So far so good, and I’m excited about that, and that’s all for now.

Still here? Check these out:

Skull Practitioners – Exit Wounds
Skull Practitioners – What Now