The Short Version:

I’m originally from Queens, NY and I live in Brooklyn. I’m a news junkie, and I enjoy live music, baseball, and MMA among other things.

Why the blog? Why not just use social media?

If I’m gonna have a piece of real estate on the information superhighway, it should be mine and on my own terms. I’ll write more about that and the other reasons within the blog.

Why isn’t there a comments section?

I don’t want to moderate a comments section for spam, trolls, or other bad actors at this time. If you wanna have a conversation about something you read here, there are lots of places you can do that.

And What Else?

At press time, this thing is an occasional creative outlet. I’d like it to supplant my social media use altogether.


ira at iracogan dot com

Last updated: October 28, 2021