Reads: Monday, 4/3/23

I found this stuff worthwhile:

Katherine Alejandra Cross in Wired, The Terrible Cost Of Little Viral Lies

Mary Trump on Substack, The Weaponization Of Hypocrisy

Nathan Edwards in The Verge on region locked printers. The printer industry is awful. Further reading from Joe Veix in The Outline.

Zeeshan Aleem MSNBC, Republicans Are Framing The Trump Indictment As An Attack On White America

It seems like it’s all bad news all the time. I’m mostly reading books these days. I’m finally reading Fear And Loathing On The Campaign Trail ‘72 by Hunter S. Thompson, and I just finished a spreadsheet class I took through my union’s training center. I was long overdue to learn Excel beyond the basics, and I was long overdue to read some Hunter S. Thompson. Better late than never and that goes for everything. Tomorrow evening I’m starting an electrical class so I’m looking forward to that. ttyl.